This is a blog post by Morgan Brown

I'm Out

I’ve quit my Master’s program and decided to move to Berlin! Boom! It was a big decision, but one that I am quite confident in. The main reason is that I wasn’t finding that the program was taking me in the direction that I wanted to go. Although logic is fascinating and complex, it’s too theoretical for my liking. I’m grateful to have learned what I have so far, but am equally grateful to be leaving it behind. I’d like to develop the skills that I currently have and take them in some different direction instead of starting from logic and trying to make them meet at some point in the future. And even so, maybe I could have stuck with it and slaved away, spending much of my time pouring over course materials — but this misses the point of being in this different, new place. I can spend my time studying anywhere. The reason why I am in Europe is to experience Europe. Studying turned out to be a bad excuse to get here.

On top of this, I already have momentum in Germany. I already have all my visa stuff sorted out, I’ve gotten accustomed to the culture, my relationships with the people I’ve met are deepening — It would seem almost negligent to just suddenly bounce. I’ve had lots of wildly positive experiences here, let’s keep them going!

So what the fuck am I going to do? Well, I’ve found a place already, which was just some sort of crazy magical coincidence. A friend of a friend’s roommate is moving out temporarily at the end of the month so I’m moving in! I’ll be living in Neukölln with one of the dudes from Aroma Pitch (listen). I’m stoked. I’ve been working for a small startup in Dresden for the past two months or so. I will likely continue doing work for it and explore what the Berlin tech scene has to offer. Annnnndddddd I’d like to continue to take German classes. That’s my simple plan so far. Otherwise, I’m having fun, enjoying this opportunity to live freely as young person in a fucking cool-ass city.

Come visit!

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