This is a blog post by Morgan Brown


I was never able to get the issues resolved with my iPhone. I went to the geniuses, who then told me to call Sprint, Sprint then connected me to Apple Care, then the Apple Care representative put me back in the Sprint phone queue! How wonderful! I hung up and opted to recycle my phone for an Apple gift card. I got $246 for the phone. That surely will put a nice dent in that iPhone 5S cost.

So how am I surviving in the mean time? I picked up a a Kyocera Event from Best Buy and signed up for a month of unlimited data and text with Virgin Mobile, which came to approximately $100 total. First, I am surprised that Virgin Mobile is not more of a thing. A $35/month unlimited text and data plan *kills *right now. And you are not locked into some dumb contract. This is truly the plan for the millennial generation. Second, I was surprised at the quality of the Kyocera phone. I mean, it’s no iPhone, but it has a decent camera, can run all the latest apps (runs Android 4.0), and gives me the freedom to tether. Sure, it can be a little sluggish at times, but nothing that has caused me any trouble. It’s only $60! I’m very pleased with my replacement, but am still gunnin for that unlocked iPhone 5S.

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