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The winter vacation is near! I just have to do this one little, tiny, insignificant exam ON SATURDAY, which will determine whether I’m really cut out for this. Kind of. The exam covers all of the stuff that I’ve learned about logic up to this point and it’s a lot and there’s a lot I need to shove into my mind. Ok.

A German friend of mine, Lion, invited me to Berlin to show me the scene and it was really wonderful and exhausting. The DJs from Cologne Sessions would be attending a house party at the place that I was staying in Friedrichshain. I got to help set up the party and get everything ready and then participate and drink and eat and all that stuff — so much good food, so many cool people, and lots of good music. After the house party, we all headed to Humboldthain Club to watch the DJs do their thang. They did a fantastic job and I danced my ass off till 9am or so. And since this is Berlin, one must keep going! So, I went with a small troupe of after-partiers to Berghain at 10am, but failed to get in, Maybe because we had too many people. Or m*aybe *because I looked like total shit. Who knows? We tried to go back home, but Lion didn’t have the key. So, we went to another dude’s house and passed out listening to this. After waking, we met a very pleasant young scotsman and finished the night with some beers, talking and listening to music. At some point later in the night, Lion realized that he actually had the key the whole time.

How does one write English again? It’s getting expensive for me to pay attention to proper syntax.

  • You can bathe naked in front of the patrons of a Medieval Christmas Market in Dresden. I know because I did this with my classmates and one of my professors.
  • I’ve heard that there might be a curfew and/or a restriction on having people in your room in Bolzano because our accommodation is within some sort of Catholic something. Not having it.
  • The word “dollar” actually comes from German and in fact, an area near Saxony.
  • I was exposed to Sufism and Sufi music. Sufism was described to me as being a form of Islam that holds fundamental that the only way to reach god is through either love or music. This is quite a beautiful and peaceful notion. These dancers can apparently keep spinning for hours.
  • Berghain’s name is kind of stupid. It’s a conjunction of “Kreuzberg” and "Friedrichshain", the names of two adjacent neighborhoods.

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