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Things I've Learned This Woche

Hello, I’ve just finished my first week of class and so far it has been pretty good. In one of my initial lectures I was super confused. The professor presented us with these slides



and told us to do some exercise and I was like WTF BRO? Turns out we were just defining the symbols that we will be using to deal with propositional logic. So meta. Then we started talking about the *interpretation *of the symbols to come up with some sort of final "truth value".


And then I was like, "Hey, this is exactly like a computer program, just like, in logic form and executed by the human brain". Pretty cool I think. I love seeing the parallels between this stuff and programming. It honestly sort of excites me…weird. It also bolsters my confidence in my decision to do this whole program in the first place.

I’m developing my routines, I’m getting even *more *comfortable.

  • Between German and all this logic buisness, so many foreign symbols and words in my life right now, I’m dying.
  • …like this table
  • image
  • The word for cool, “geil” (guy-ehl), is also the word for horny. I’m *sort of *trying to be careful with using it.
  • After a lecture completes, it’s customary to knock on the table with your fist to show appreciation. This is just so weird for me.
  • There is a machine in the basement of my dorm building, next to the laundry room, that sells pocket pussies. Super geil.
  • I’m learning that I will just have to deal with all my shit smelling like smoke. It’s not a battle I can win. People are smoking everywhere, in the klub, in the bar, in the restaurant, blah, blah, blah.
  • I’ve been using Hola Unblocker to access sites like Hulu and Netflix abroad. It’s available as a Chrome extension, it’s super easy to use, and works wonderfully.
  • Italy requires something called a “Declaration of Equivalent Value”, which is a thing that essentially validates your education. Unfortunately, it requires your degree(s) to be notarized by fucking every fucking person on earth and translated into Italian. I’m exploring how to get this done. Maybe I’ve overhyped it.
  • I don’t have class on Friday for the first time in my full-time academic career. Cray.
  • Seriously, had the best pasta of my life here.
  • The Center for Regenerative Therapies in Dresden holds a get-together every Friday night with free, all-you-can-consume, self-serve, beer, wine, and snacks. This is a great way to start the weekend.
  • This is a cool, actually underground nightclub, where I was lucky enough to stumble upon "The first lady of deep house", Lady Blacktronika. In fact, lots of deep house here in general so far. I dig it.

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