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Hi, But Soon Bye

It’s been some weeks again. I’m finishing up my time in Dresden, and for that matter, in Germany. I’m starting to feel the weight of my impending departure — not excited to say goodbye to the people I’ll be leaving behind, not excited to be far from Berlin, not excited to be in a city that’s "a lesser transit hub". I’m leaving Dresden on the 17th of February, taking a long-ass train ride to Vienna to attend a student workshop for my Masters. Later, I’ll head straight for Bolzano, where after some introductory couchsurfing, I’ll find myself again nestled in the impoverished charm of student living — in a dorm that “dictates” that you can only make breakfast in the kitchen and can’t have people in your room after 23:00. What a load of total bullshit. I’ll probably get kicked out.

I spent last Saturday/Sunday in Berlin, which I realize could be my last time in a while. As usual, had a surreal and congenial experience. I really want to just live it up for my last couple weeks here, but need to balance pending examinations. There’s also a few things that I still want to see around here — Saxon Switzerland, the Leipzig zoo, and Görlitz for example. I will at most be done on the 13th of February, so I have some time to get this stuff in.

  • I have unofficially accepted an offer to intern at Sumall in New York City this Summer. I’m stoked. I need to holla at my NYC konnektions.
  • I’ve also manage to get some part-time work here in Dresden, helping someone get a prototype going for their startup idea. It’s great to be learning some new stuff and makin some cash.
  • Some of Inglourious Basterds was filmed in Görlitz.
  • Haven’t written about yet, which is weird. I should have a while ago. It’s like “Russian” Facebook, except it has tons of perhaps “questionably legal” media that you can stream and download for free.
  • How did I get my internship in NYC? Well, I used You fill out a profile describing your work experience, what you’d like to do, blah blah blah and then you are entered into an "auction", in which employers can “bid” on you. A bid is more like an invitation to interview with some preliminary tastes of what real employment might offer. Right now, the site seems to be oriented around the tech industry in the United States, but is expanding!
  • Joseph Beuys, a German artist, said “Jeder mensch ein kunstler” or “Everyone is an artist”
  • Check out this short Norwegian documentary, WHATEVEREST, which examines the inspiration behind Todd Terje’s famous Inspector Norse. Even if you’re not into electronic music, this song will sound familiar.
  • There’s a small-ish “underground” club here and you should try to go. It has a wonderful vibe, great music, and a huge chill-out room. Just knock!

Wow, I’m almost done with this part.

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