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Ok, It's been a while

And so what have I learned? I don’t know, probably lots of stuff that I can’t remember right now. I’m just mentally recovering from a great winter holiday with my bae from abroad. We were in Dresden and Prague and Kiel and Hamburg (for a second) and Bootybest and Berlin. It was a wonderful time. I have a lot of friends to thank for making it so awesome. I spent Christmas in Dresden, just chilling with some school friends and cooking good food. For Silvester (New Years), I was in Bootybest, staying with German homies in an Airbnb. When the year turned, we were all on Elizabeth Bridge, admiring the well-lit ancient buildings looming above us, watching fireworks, drinking sekt, and looking at naked people. Magik.

Well, Ok, I’ll try to remember something…

  • Bootybest is really cool and crazy beautiful. My initial judgement is that it’s cooler and prettier than Prague. Go.
  • Hungarian is an Uralic language, which means that if you look at signs there you just kinda make a face and move on. I was actually frustrated that I couldn’t even sort of make out what was going on (as opposed to Dutch or Italian). And for some reason, I didn’t feel this way about Czech, which is just about as inscrutable.
  • Lab.oratory
  • Today one of our professors scolded us for not studying enough. He said that the results of the last big exam have so far been unimpressive and that we all needed to step our game way up. Scary.
  • I love this pizza place in Berlin
  • Numbrs is a really beautiful and cool finance management app that is currently only available in Germany. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t fully support my bank, so I haven’t had the chance to experience its full goodness.
  • I’ve heard good things about Bratislava and Ljubljana. I’m fixin’ to go.
  • A nine hour train ride is not so bad. I get the “fabled” charm of long train rides now.

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