This is a blog post by Morgan Brown

Leaving LinkedIn

Last Thursday was my last day at LinkedIn and it was definitely sad for me. LinkedIn is a great place to work and I met a lot of very intelligent and talented people there. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on and launch the new profile and university pages. It was a great professional experience for me.

Generally, it’s hard for me to divine how much I am valued at a company, both as a competent technical contributor and as a good team member. My exit from LinkedIn demonstrated that I had much more clout that I had thought. I had loads of people wishing me well and some urging me to stay, even threatening to offer “illegal” deals. My coworkers set up a going away party at Lucky Strike last Thursday. And then some of them even surprised me at my “official” going away event on the next Friday. My intention is not to gloat; I just feel so, so honored and flattered by the actions and intentions of my colleagues.

I wish the best for LinkedIn and everyone there (aka better keep my fucking stock valuable :) )

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